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About us

This is a community for fans of Syaoran, from CLAMP's manga & anime Card Captor Sakura, and his many incarnations in CLAMP's Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle.
All you need to join is to like any or all Syaorans.

-Be nice - We're here to share our love for a character, not to bash others. Criticism and polite discussion is fine, mindless bashing other people's tastes or opinions is not cool. If you have any problem with another member, with an entry in this comm, etc, don't hesitate to contact the mod.

Stay on topic - Only post things that're related to Syaoran. Fic, art, and any other fanmade things of any pairing that includes Syaoran are fine, as well as anything that centers around him alone. Things like translations to the latest TRC chapter aren't. Syaoran is the main character, but most chapters revolve around the group and not just Syaoran (a heavily Syaoran-centered chapter discussion post would be fine), so go to tsubasarc for that.

Pimping other comms is fine as long as it relates to Syaoran. If you wanna post an RPG ad, for example, it's fine only if you are actually seeking for a Syaoran player.

LJ-cut! - Friends-lock and use an LJ-cut for any entry that has mature content of any kind, and place a clear warning for it.
If you're posting more than three icons, or a big/heavy graphic, place them under a cut as well. Also LJ-cut for spoilers to TRC, as not everybody may have read the latest chapter the second it came out.

An LJ-cut is done by using the following code:

If you have any questions, contact the mod.
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Contact at: MSN/E-mail: ken_sama28@hotmail.com.


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